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Lab Solution

My solution creates a new namespace for Nginx to run in, and uses a FQDN in the Nginx config to proxy the Pi web app - and specifies the correct port:

Deploy the namespace first:

kubectl apply -f labs/namespaces/solution/01-namespace.yaml

Then the original proxy setup:

kubectl apply -n front-end -f labs/namespaces/specs/reverse-proxy

Browse to http://localhost:30040 - you'll get an error from your browser

Check the logs and you'll see the proxy won't run if the "upstream" server can't be found:

kubectl  logs -n front-end -l app=pi-proxy

You'll see nginx: [emerg] host not found in upstream "pi-web-internal" in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:28

Update the ConfigMap with the correct FQDN, using the app in the existing pi namespace, and then you'll need to rollout new Pods to pick up the config change:

kubectl apply -f labs/namespaces/solution/nginx-configMap.yaml

kubectl rollout restart -n front-end deploy/pi-proxy

Browse to http://localhost:30040/pi?dp=40000 - now the proxy loads the content from the Pi app; the response will take a couple of seconds

Confirm the cache is being used:

kubectl exec -n front-end deploy/pi-proxy -- ls /tmp

Refresh the web app and your response will be instant

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