Kubernetes Course Labs

Lab Solution

You need to define a StatefulSet - the spec is very similar to the Deployment, but you need a Service and you'll replace the emptyDir volume with a mount and a volumeClaimTemplate:

You'll need to remove your Deployment before you create the StatefulSet:

kubectl delete deploy simple-proxy

kubectl apply -f labs/statefulsets/solution

Watch the Pods - these are created in parallel:

kubectl get po -l app=simple-proxy --watch

# Ctrl-C when the Pods are running

kubectl get pvc -l app=simple-proxy

Each Pod has a PVC, which is mounted into the /cache folder

Try the proxy:

curl -v localhost:8040

# OR on Windows:
curl.exe -v localhost:8040

Repeat and you'll see X-Cache: HIT in the response headers

The cache is in the volume for each Pod:

kubectl exec simple-proxy-0 -- ls /cache

kubectl exec simple-proxy-1 -- ls /cache

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