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Lab Solution

You can list the all the Pods for a Service using:

kubectl describe svc whoami

# OR
kubectl get endpoints whoami

Endpoints are Kubernetes objects, but they're usually managed by Services and you don't create them yourself

Services with no endpoints

You can create a Service with no matching Pods by adding a label:

There are no Pods which match because the whoami Pod doesn't have a version label:

kubectl apply -f labs/services/solution/whoami-svc-zeromatches.yaml

kubectl get endpoints whoami-zero-matches

kubectl exec sleep -- nslookup whoami-zero-matches

kubectl exec sleep -- curl -v -m 5 http://whoami-zero-matches

There's an IP address for the Service but no endpoints, so the curl call times out

Services with multiple endpoints

Many Pods can run with the same labels. Deploy a second whoami Pod with the same spec as the first - only the name needs to change:

kubectl apply -f labs/services/solution/whoami-pod-2.yaml

kubectl get po -o wide -l app=whoami

kubectl get endpoints whoami

Both Pod IP addresses are registered as Service endpoints

kubectl exec sleep -- curl -v http://whoami

The IP in the response is the Pod IP, the requested IP is the Service. Repeat the call and the Pod IP in the response changes - the Service load-balances requests between Pods.

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