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Lab Solution

To get access to the node's disk, create a new Pod with a HostPath volume targeting the root path /.

Create a Pod with a HostPath volume

sleep-with-hostpath.yaml uses a HostPath volume in the Pod spec.

Deploy the Pod:

kubectl apply -f labs/persistentvolumes/solution

The Pod container mounts the root of the node's disk to /node-root inside the container, and it runs as root.

That means you can do pretty much anything on the disk:

kubectl exec pod/sleep -- ls /node-root

kubectl exec pod/sleep -- mkdir -p /node-root/secret/hacker/tools

kubectl exec pod/sleep -- ls -l /node-root/secret/hacker

That's why its not secure :) If you do need access to the node's disk you should use a hostPath with a more restrictive scope, not the entire root drive.

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