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Lab Solution

Suspending the cleanup CronJob

This will need some investigation if you're not going to use kubectl apply. The command to run instead is:

kubectl edit cronjob job-cleanup

That launches the YAML spec in your editor - in the spec for the CronJob you'll find the field suspend. Just change the value from false to true, save the file and exit the editor.

Kubectl applies the change when the editor exits:

kubectl get cronjob

Now the CronJob is suspended, so the spec is still there but it won't create any more Jobs.

Creating a Job from a CronJob

This one is straightforward but you tend to use kubectl create rarely and you might forget what it can do:

kubectl create job --help

Shows you the exact syntax you need. For this lab:

kubectl create job db-backup-job --from=cronjob/db-backup

kubectl get jobs -l app=db-backup

kubectl logs -l app=db-backup

Adding the lab label will help with cleanup:

kubectl label job db-backup-job kubernetes.courselabs.co=jobs

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