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Lab Solution

The only changes you need to make here are to the FROM lines in the Dockerfile.

In my sample solution I've changed both lines:

FROM golang:1.17.1-alpine3.14 AS builder
# ...
FROM scratch

That's the latest official Go image version using the latest Alpine version for the builder stage.

The final stage uses scratch, which means there is no base image.

You can copy the solution over the project Dockerfile, and push changes to start a new build:

cp labs/jenkins/solution/Dockerfile labs/jenkins/project/src/

git add labs/jenkins/project/src/Dockerfile

git commit -m 'Jenkins lab solution'

git push labs-jenkins

Check the build at http://localhost:30008/job/kiamol/

The new build should trigger an update and when the Helm upgrade has finished, the app should work in the same way

Test the app with curl localhost:30028. Then pull your two latest images and compare them. My optimized image is 1/3 smaller than the previous one:

> docker image ls courselabs/whoami-lab
REPOSITORY              TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED   

courselabs/whoami-lab   21.09-4   061235acbb98   About a minute ago   8.22MB

courselabs/whoami-lab   21.09-3   4deca9963c2a   5 hours ago          12.7MB

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