Kubernetes Course Labs

Publishing the configurable app

Ingress objects reference Services in the local namespace, so you need to create your Ingress in the same namespace as the app:

kubectl apply -f labs/ingress/solution/ingress

It's a new domain so you need to add it to your hosts file:

# on Windows:
./scripts/add-to-hosts.ps1 configurable.local

# on *nix:
./scripts/add-to-hosts.sh configurable.local

Now you can browse to http://configurable.local:8000

Using standard HTTP and HTTPS ports

For this all you need to do is change the public ports for the ingress controller LoadBalancer Service:

kubectl apply -f labs/ingress/solution/controller

kubectl get svc -n ingress-nginx

Now you can use normal URLs:

Why can't you do this with a cluster that doesn't support LoadBalancer Services?

NodePorts are restricted to the unprivileged port range - 30000+. You can't have a NodePort listen on 80 or 443.

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