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Lab Solution

DaemonSets let you specify the update strategy, and Kubectl supports deletes for controllers without deleting Pods.

Replace the Pod only when it's manually deleted

The DaemonSet wil only create a replacement Pod when the existing one gets deleted by another process:

kubectl apply -f labs/daemonsets/solution

kubectl get pods -l app=nginx --watch

The DaemonSet has been updated, but it won't replace the Pod even though the Pod spec has changed.

Trigger the update by deleting the Pod:

kubectl delete pod -l app=nginx

kubectl get pods -l app=nginx

Delete the DaemonSet but retain the Pod

Kubernetes maintains the relationship between Pods and controllers, but it lets you break that relationship with non-cascading deletes.

kubectl delete ds nginx --cascade=false

kubectl get ds

kubectl get po -l app=nginx

The DaemonSet is removed, but the Pod which it used to control is still there.

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